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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
― Ernest Hemingway

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We all have to have one of these pages. A page where we get to speak highly of ourselves in ways we would never do in public.

Since August, 2009 I have been a featured blogger on the front pages of Huffington Post, which now claims 37 million readers per month. With this national exposure, I’ve written about politics, the mortgage and financial crisis, income inequality, consumer issues, and even an occasional departure into slightly more adult themed as well as some less controversial topics. My articles are shared widely through social media and republished by other sites due to their relevance and accuracy.

Network and radio appearances include, Al Jazeera America, Swedish Broadcasting, Huffington Post TV, The Jeff Santos Show, Revolution Radio Network, The Attitude with Arnie Arnesen Radio Show, NPR, and PRI Radio to name a few.

I was born in France and grew up in Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. I have lived in Europe for a few years, and traveled around the US settling for periods of time in North Carolina where I worked as a newspaper reporter and then in Seattle, WA, where I was launched into a career as a technical writer for fortune 500 tech companies.

In 2009, family drew me back to Massachusetts, where I now live with my wife. In 2009, the financial, mortgage and foreclosure crisis drew me back to journalism as a blogger on Huffington Post where the majority of my articles have appeared on the front pages of the site. Since then, I have written about political and social issues.

I continue to write about American politics as well as commenting on current affairs. In 2015, along with 25 year veteran radio host, Tony Trupiano, I ventured into podcasting with our show "T & Z Talk." The show ran until January of 2017 when Trump was elected and we both decided that we couldn't talk about that for the next four years. 

Since 2007, as a freelance writer my clients have included a wide variety of businesses including pet boutiques, hair salons, HVAC companies, tool manufacturers and restaurants, as well as specialized consultants, attorneys, politicians, consumer advocates, writers, non-profits, and an interesting and eclectic list of niche-based bloggers from every corner of the country. All of whom I have consulted with and advised on their blogs, content, and site copy.

Since blogging is a big part of what makes a site successful today, I've used my experience to guide site owners in their strategy to create regular, consistent, and engaging content for their own site and engage in social media.

On a personal level, my writing career started as a dare and out of desperation. A Harvard professor, after having read one of my papers out loud to the class, made the mistake of suggesting to me that I pursue a writing career.

A couple of years later, or maybe a few, I worked up the courage to ask the editor of a North Carolina newspaper to look over my stuff and confirm my suspicion that the professor had lied to me. After two or three days of pacing the floors and chain smoking, the phone rang.

The editor, Stan, made a few constructive comments about the samples he had surprisingly read. I wasn't very open to criticism at the time, but the writing was good enough for him to offer me a job as a staff reporter at the paper.

For the next five years I covered and wrote about everything and anything that came across my desk: school boards, cops, murders, drug busts, fires, tattoo artists, doll house hobbyists, elections, giant turtles known as “Cooters” and the 90-year-olds named “Pearly” that catch them – I did it on deadline and had several stories picked up and published nationally by the Associated Press.

As a result of an unnatural fascination with technology and a living wage I turned to technical writing. For nearly 15 years I wrote technical manuals, how-to instructions, created step-by-step online videos, and wrote software and app reviews for several top tech companies. The interviewing skills I learned as a reporter proved to be invaluable when having to translate what engineers and programmers talked about into something people actually using the software could understand.

It’s no surprise that a combination of technical aptitude and a love of writing would eventually lead to blogging and it did. I learned about web design and development and launched the first of several blogs and websites. I started blogging on a site I designed in 2008 and later migrated to a larger more scalable content management system, and then started developing sites for others in addition to blogging.

It’s important to me that writing be entertaining, readable, factual, and informative. Otherwise, what's the point?

In October of 2017 I was offered a job as a Recovery Coach with a large Massachusetts health facility and started that work in December. 

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