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If You're Poor, Stop Being Poor

When I first saw interviews like this on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, I thought they were fake. I couldn’t believe — or I didn’t want to believe that people could actually be this stupid.

Unfortunately, however, there is nothing fake about this interview.

In this segment of the show (embedded below)  Aasif Madvi points out that the United States stands a very proud 37th in the world in healthcare ranking. At least we beat out Slovenia and Cuba.

At about 2:38 in the six minute video monitor the interviews Stan Brock the founder of remote area medical, an organization created to bring medical assistance to citizens of Third World countries. His organization is apparently working in the United States of America.

The most disturbing and probably funniest part of the segment, that you absolutely have to see through, comes at the 3:30 mark when we hear from a Republican operative, erm FOX Business commentator Todd Wileman, that the solution to poverty is that the poor, get ready, should stop being poor.

The clip's about six minutes long and well worth the watch...