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Wall Street's Untouchables | Frontline

“So you’re telling me that not one banker; not one financial advisor, not one person on Wall Street committed fraud? I find that hard to believe.”

A telling comment from the Frontline episode, “The Untouchables.” The Untouchables being the assholes on Wall Street who ripped off millions of people over a couple of decades and nearly – had it not been for the taxpayer funded bailout – destroyed the world economy.

The piece is great. Not surprisingly people on the inside tried to warn people about the coming crash. King Pin Head, Bill O’Reilly was warned by one of the due diligence underwriters and there’s a scene where you hear O’Reilly ranting about not knowing about this around the 14:00. Richard Bowen, a Senior VP and Chief Underwriter at Citigroup at the time emailed Robert Rubin, former Treasury Secretary and advisor to Obama, and hears crickets.

The show is about 53 minutes long and well worth the time.

Here’s the show.