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Hate Mail January 2015

Here are the buckets of hate I received this month from people who don't have the balls to write in the comment section of the article. Either they don't want to be refuted by others or they don't know how the internet works. Either way, they took the time to track me down, find my website, and email me personally. Oddly, they don't always care about what they read. Anyone sending an email through this site or zombeck.com has to agree to the terms of the site when they use the form, which reads:

If you're contacting me to hire me or just want to say 'hello' type away and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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 Somehow and for some reason, they check the box and click the "send" button.

These emails and comments were primarily from these recent posts:

The 2015 GOP Clown Car: Bigger, Meaner, and More Dangerous Than Ever

GOP Begins Assault on Elderly, Poor, Disabled, Math, and Reason

FOX Prefers Fabrication to Fact When It Comes to Muslims

So here are the emails for this month and some screen shots of the choice comments and tweets I received at the bottom of this post:

Name: george oreskovich
Email Address: george.oreskovich@att.net
Subject: fox news
Message: your are an IDIOT fox is the ONLY news that dares to tell; the truth they don't have to lie make copy they aren't afraid to step on the toes of Obama lovers like YOU they don't hide the news like ABC,CBS ect. they don't pull any punches maybe you should really LOOK for the truth instead of looking where YOU can sell a story?!! Fox out shines ALL other news networks maybe your just jealous that YOU can't get you story on their network the best reporting comes from Fox all other are lackies just looking to get a snip into the system you definitely fall into that category loser fabricator of news you can't hold a candle to Fox that's why it's IS the #1 news source especially for folks who don't want to hear and are tired of lame reporting protecting the president and Good Morning America gushy happy useless bantor maybe you should try and get a job there!!??

Name: william king
Email Address: noemail@pmail.com
Subject: fox news
Message: ok. Your one sided. Your saying Fox news is one sided. lol. can we compare Fox news to Bsnbc. Or any other news outlets. really. How many times does bsnbc lie any do wrong things. wait don't they have the worlds biggest most popular racists on their show. al Sharpton. really. calm down and think logically. is al Sharpton a racist. ok if I or anyone white said what shrpton says about Obama or black people, would we be racists. Now gays. do you want to here about the sex my wife and I had last night. No . and no one wants to here about gays either. why not let states have elections and let the people vote on it?

Name: jay nelson 
Email Address: rttracr@gmail.com 
Subject: Re: Form Submission - Let's Talk - accuracy 
so list the sources and list the corroboration.  stating outlandish nonsense does not make it true. I will go a one-on-one debate with you anytime.  you are "freelance" because what you write nobody is willing to pay for. So let's get this ball rolling.  But be careful.  I'm way smarter than you are and Im going to prove it.

Name: Barbara Heard
Email: barbaramheard@gmail.com

Regarding your article below, it's misguided, left wing nutters like you who are dismantling the country by focusing on anything the GOP does that might disrupt your entitlement and giveaway programs and not focusing on bringing fiscal responsibility, accountability and concern for the nation as a whole back to the USA.  
Your deploring the bringing back of the subject of Benghazi is a perfect example of crying over something that many Americans are still concerned about, because they believe the past findings on the attack are bogus and incomplete.
o ahead and mock those trying to save the country from financial and moral ruin. You sir are contributing a lot MORE to the problem the solution.

Name: Blanco Chreetianman
Email Address: chreetblanco@yahoo.com
Subject: Huff Post Column
Website: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/richard-zombeck/gop-begins-assault-on-eld_b_6436640.html?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000592
Message: I tune in to Fox News and I chuckle. I tune into CNN and I laugh. I tune into MSNBC and guffaw into near coma status.

I just read your latest on HP and I'm hoping to have an open casket.

Unhinged lunacy kills me

Name: Frederick Gerber
Email Address: fwgiii@yahoo.com
Subject: A few comments about the Clown Car heading for Capitol Hill
Message: "It's a new year though and the clown car about to be sworn in next week is bigger than ever with a majority in both the Senate and the House. A car full of gun loving, poor hating, veteran screwing, climate change denying, Wall Street deregulating, health care repealing, and wealthy old white man loving clowns."

*Gun loving. I understand and believe in the 2nd Amendment. I have several firearms from my venerable ole Winchester lever to my AR15, AK47 and Glocks. I love my God, My Family and My Country. I like the fact I can protect what I love.

* Poor hating. I was poor because I was an idiot in high school and didn't apply myself. Working construction one winter, temperatures reached sub zero and we had to quit early for the day. I went directly to the local University and signed up for classes. I had to quit putting things off and quit blaming society for my problems. I enrolled, forced myself to grow up and studied hard. When you sacrifice and work hard good things happen. Funny, the harder I work the luckier I get....

*Veteran screwing. One of the greatest things that happened to me was the opportunity to serve my country. I signed up for what I got into. There are a lot of bad things in this world. There is also a lot of good in world as well. My country has been good to me. That would include just as many Conservatives as Liberals. I would look deep within before you think you can ascertain which political affiliation seems to be screwing veterans. Most of those I served with that used their experience to propel themselves into the world with a greater love of mankind and understanding of survival seem to be conservative.... interesting.

*Climate change denying. Global Warming....hmmm, now here is a great topic. US citizens are supporting the Global warming tribe to the tune of 4.7 Billion dollars per year to study their claims. There is a meteorologist named John Coleman who can explain why it really does not exist. The earth does not spin on a perfect axis. In fact if you have or would have served in the military you would understand that there is a true north and a magnetic north. In the military it is called the angle of declination which is about a + or - 4degree difference between true north and magnetic. We needed to know that for land navigation and to call in artillery fire to the correct grid coordinates. Because the earth spins on a slight "wobble" this creates synoptic weather patterns that change every 40 to 80 years. Remember the dust bowl days back in the 1930's? Yesterday I felt the effects of Global warming as it was a balmy -27 degrees in my back yard. Look up John Coleman. He is much more adept and able to understand weather than Mr. Gore. Mr. Coleman founded The Weather Channel. I believe the climate is changing and will continue to do so with the synoptic weather patterns that our earthy rotation creates.

* Wall Street Deregulation. Well if you are talking about insider trading and fraud then I am with you. If you are talking about the capitalistic sons of bitches that invest to become wealthy I am not. Do me a favor and explain exactly what you mean when you say Wall Street Deregulation on your blog. The rich will get richer and they should. Let me explain why. Now I am just a simple guy that did study economics. Unfortunately I couldn't afford Harvard. I could only afford (with the help of student loans that I did pay off) The University of Nebraska. At Nebraska we studied the risk reward relationship and the intrinsic valuation of stock and investments. Those who invest good sums of their wealth capitalize companies to expand, allow for R&D and pay executives very well in order to run the company at a profit and create more jobs and economy. Those who risk should be handsomely rewarded. Sorry our version of economics appears to be so different than the sophisticated versions. Graduates of Nebraska like me and Warren Buffett will somehow have to live with ourselves. 

*Health Care Repealing. Well now, how's that law Mr. Romney signed into service working there in Massachusetts for you? I am sure it curbed costs for you and didn't increase any medical debt bankruptcies that hospitals and insurance companies would surely pass on to consumers in your state. Signing a law into effect to require those who do not have health coverage to get it, is easy. To find a way to make a health care policy affordable and not raise prices takes more intelligence, care and time. Is being a welfare state really a good model to teach people to be self reliant and work hard to be able to care for oneself? There are many facets as to why health care costs so much. I am not saying that if you can't afford medical insurance, too bad. I am just not enthusiastic about this affordable health care act and believe there has to be a better way to make it work for employers and employees. That comes with not only containing costs, but educating citizens that they need to prioritize their spending habits to include some type of insurance. Again, a barrier to employers to seek the reward that is commensurate with their risk will not create the kinds of jobs that will sustain a family....See my rationale above under the Wall Street blurb...

*Wealthy old white man loving clowns. WOW, really? Al Sharpton must have loved that line. First off, the majority of Billionaires in this country are on the liberal side of political affiliation. Why is that? Some of them are black and I am pretty sure they are not white man loving clowns. By the way, If Reverend Martin Luther King was alive today, he would be ashamed of Al Sharpton. He is truly a clown...an evil clown. He spews out hate and extorts employers. I am ashamed I have to live on the same continent as he.

Once I decided to take responsibility for all of my decisions and actions, I started to have self respect. I learned to work hard and to respect my fellow man even more. Once I quit acting like a victim, got off my tush and stopped whining like a baby, I empowered myself to start looking at dead ends as the beginning of a new course that made me think harder about how to fix the present and learn for the future.

Personally, I refuse to ever be a victim. This is America and I have rights to protect what I love. So for those unfortunate souls out there that never learned sacrifice and hard work who try to come and rob or harm my family, or when, not if, but when, evil forces such as ISIS start rearing their ugly heads in these United States, I will stand in harms way. Not because I want to, but because I have an obligation to my family and my fellow Americans. 

Hopefully you are not the kind of folks who would blame a fork for making you fat. So lets not blame the guns for killing and stereotype those who believe in self preservation and defense as "gun loving". Shall we blame Budweiser and Jack Daniels for all the drunken highway massacres? If we get rid of the guns, then we need to go back to prohibition and get rid of the pot too.

So I would have included in your statement that the clown car is coming to join the town cryers for another round of jocularity. For every conservative clown there is a liberal naysayer. I guess this brings about a little political inertia.

God Bless America



Name: Helen Pracht
Email Address: hpracht1@yahoo.com
Subject: Liberalism
Message: It's interesting to read your articles, full of hatred of the GOP. However, do your best to refute these facts:
Obama is guilty of seditious conspiracy for willful neglect enforcing federal immigration laws, and aiding and abetting millions of known criminals. He has spent an average of more than $1 Trillions yearly since entering office; the deficit has risen $9 Trillion in just six years as opposed to Bush's estimated yearly spending of $500 Billion. Obama's executive action not only circumvents Congress (who he's refusing to work with now), but the very Constitution that he swore in his oath of office to protect and uphold. Stop blaming the Republicans for everything and open your eyes to what's actually happening. Nancy Pelosi just vowed that Democrats will go along with Obama and his veto pen. Who is NOT working with whom?

Email Address: topgun97365@gmail.com
Message: Typical liberal wingnut piece of crap one sided article full of lies that only pieces of garbage Democrats could spread. The best part is the left wing HuffPo audience is too dumb to know the difference.

Name: Ken Hawkins
Email Address: Kehawkin@gmail.com
Subject: Profound Viewpoint: GOP Clown Car Article
Message: Honestly, I'm not sure what tempts me to click on anything from the Huff Post. All of it writers, including YOU, spew insults and divisiveness within a tirade. I suppose I just can't help wanting to see the hyper ideological opinions made to drive more people to hate those who think differently. 

You stated that you've never seen the amount of ridiculous arguments made by liberals but thats only because people who spit crazy claims as superior truth just don't see the craziness themselves. 

My sister is very liberal, much like every writer in the Huff Post. She told me with an unabashed demeanor that liberals are smarter. I smirked and said " No, but they sure are the most arrogant!" from which she replied "Yes". 

The liberal cable channel MSNBC is the least watched and obviously has the worst ratings year after year. Fox News bring on everyone of every thought and it retains the highest ratings year after year. Big surprise there! It can only be that the majority of Americans see past the hideous insults and partisan attacks that are MSNBC and The Huff Post. 

A lively debate is healthy. If you can't contribute anything more than put downs, political smear, and treacherous rants, your work will never amount to more than the journalistic toilet bowl that is the Huff Post. 

Try building bridges rather than explosions and you will help our country. Viciousness is a sign of weak intellectual ability.

Name: Clay Williamson
Email Address: williamson.clay@ymail.com
Subject: Chode

You're a complete ass clown, guy. Why don't you go find a chubby chode to have a seat on?? 

And now for some comments and tweets. This is where I'm called a communist, a socialist, gay, and a Jew . I'm not entirely sure when being any of those stopped being an insult, but I'm pretty sure it was in another century. To these people it never goes out of style.

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