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― Ernest Hemingway

Facebook Becoming More Content Driven

Until recently Facebook was one of the major distributors of memes and viral cat videos. As more and more people get their news from Facebook the way the news is displayed has had to change and Facebook is changing with the times.

Upworthy, a hugely popular video sharing site saw its numbers tank as a direct result of Facebooks tweaks to the algorithm. Until recently an estimated 14 million people per month were clicking over from Facebook. Traffic to the site, from Faebook dropped 51 percent. Other sites like Elite Daily and Vice saw a 47 percent and 21 percent drop respectively. Even Huffington Post saw a 16 percent drop in their video and meme traffic.

So, Facebook is looking for content. News content, blog content, and articles. Stuff that people are going to share, click on, and get a good story. Like Google, Facebook has taken the inevitable route to caring about content rather than crummy meme sites.

New York Times social media staff editor Michael Roston, put it this way: "“Don’t depend on an outside social network for your traffic.” That seems like a pretty obvious piece of advice, except that no one came up with a better idea.

Facebook is getting some pretty good reviews for its new Paper app, which makes a user’s news feed, along with other, curated news feeds, look elegant and easy to read. The feeds are managed and curated by actual human editorial staffers, and this list of publishers Facebook worked withgives some indication of that Facebook is looking for “high-quality” content.

So gone are the days of "click baiting" and content mills. As the algorithms get better and more complex they'll be able (and in some cases already are) to determine good content from pablum. That's were any blog or site should want to be. Creating readable, informative content that search engines and social media sites like to share.