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― Ernest Hemingway

Hate Mail March 2105

Here's the bag o' hate for March 2015 from adoring fans who read this months HuffPo blog post, "GOP Continues to Embarrass America." Once again examples of people who either don't read the entire piece, any of it, or simply don't care about the content.

This particular piece made it through a couple of days on the front page with 7600 Face Book likes, 827 shares, and 372 Tweets. There were nearly 800 comments of which most of them agree with the premise of the post. I, of course, focus on the negative ones.

Favorite paragraph:

Since there seems to be a trend these days for people to prove how much they love this country unconditionally and without question, let me be clear: I love this country. I love this country the way someone loves an alcoholic spouse or family member. You see the potential and the person they could be if they would just sober up and get help, but in the meantime they're a constant source of angst and embarrassment.

Here are some of the good ones:

I also talked about the article on Tony Trupiano's show the same Thursday. Our conversation starts in the second hour, here.