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― Ernest Hemingway

Hate Mail March 2015 Part Deux

I generally post a bunch of screen shots of my favorite hate mail, tweets and comments from my publications on HuffPost. I can get a couple dozen really good ones here and there among the few hundreds. My latest piece Laughing Stock Ted Cruz Wants to Be President, posted yesterday has such a wide array of hate -- a cornucopia of frothing and venom that there's simply too much to put here. I suggest you head over there and read the comments for yourself.

There is one (a couple) that I'll post here because they display a level of ignorance that is too hard to ignore.

These two guys seem to think I'm a racist for bashing Ted Cruz. It's not as if I dressed him up as a witch doctor or put a monkey face on him. I addressed his shitty politics and insane world view.  

Brian Bacher and Jack Swindell

This woman has no right to write and also thinks I'm a racist:

Kerry Lin Becktold Smith

And in this comment, I couldn't resist:

Now maybe if I had made comments about Cruz being a drug mule or wearing a sombrero I could understand the accusations, but c'mon I'm Steve King.