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― Ernest Hemingway

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Hate Mail March 2015 Part Deux

I generally post a bunch of screen shots of my favorite hate mail, tweets and comments from my publications on HuffPost. I can get a couple dozen really good ones here and there among the few hundreds. My latest piece Laughing Stock Ted Cruz Wants to Be President, posted yesterday has such a wide array of hate -- a cornucopia of frothing and venom that there's simply too much to put here. I suggest you head over there and read the comments for yourself.

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Hate Mail January 2015

Here are the buckets of hate I received this month from people who don't have the balls to write in the comment section of the article. Either they don't want to be refuted by others or they don't know how the internet works. Either way, they took the time to track me down, find my website, and email me personally. Oddly, they don't always care about what they read. Anyone sending an email through this site or zombeck.com has to agree to the terms of the site when they use the form, which reads:

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