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Robert Reich: War on the Poor and Working Families

In the latest of former labor secretary Robert Reich's videos he does a nice job illustrating the way the poor and middle class have been kept down. No increase in the minimum wage, no unemployment benefits, no food stamps, no job training, no unions, no jobs programs, no medicaid.

That's the platform of the GOP and uber-wealthy. I've got mine, you can go fuck yourself.

Wall Street's Untouchables | Frontline

“So you’re telling me that not one banker; not one financial advisor, not one person on Wall Street committed fraud? I find that hard to believe.”

A telling comment from the Frontline episode, “The Untouchables.” The Untouchables being the assholes on Wall Street who ripped off millions of people over a couple of decades and nearly – had it not been for the taxpayer funded bailout – destroyed the world economy.

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To Catch a Trader | FRONTLINEc

If you want to be thoroughly disgusted with the financial industry, as I apparently enjoy doing, you might want to catch the Frontline episode, "To Catch a Trader."

The investigative piece takes you into the seedy underbelly of insider trading where you get to meet some of the biggest assholes in the financial sector.

Wonder why the economy and your finances suck? The guys in this show are part of the reason.

Catch the whole show over at PBS