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The Importance & Relevance of Blogs

Every year Technorati, the blogger's blog and blog rating organization, releases a report titled the Digital Influence Report. The reports examine the blogosphere and social media and offers insights into what influences traffic and the internet over all.

The 2013 report, which you can find here, has some fascinating findings when it comes to blogs.

According to the report, and this should come as no surprise, blogs play a significant roll when it comes to branding, SEO rankings and communication.

Admittedly by a thin margin, blogs rank even higher than Facebook as far as their influence on readers.

Blogs, according to the report, placed third in the likelihood to influence a person's purchasing decision. Your blog could play a significant role in persuading your readers to make a purchase by including product reviews, user testimonials, product videos, impact reports, etc.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't use all of your resources. Another section of the report also shows that blogs are the third most shared forms of media, after Facebook and YouTube, but beating Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.